ARUM 2nd Mid-Year Review

The ARUM project has successful passed the 2nd Mid-Year Review in Brussels in front of the European Commission.

Major focus of this review was the presentation of the technical progress of the ARUM project at the middle of the project at month 19. The ARUM partners presented first releases of the ARUM software solution for planning and scheduling and the ARUM integration platform. The ARUM solution integrates Multi-Agent-System based schedulers and planning tools adapted to the two ARUM use cases “Airbus A350 system installation flow line” and “Iacobucci galley equipment production” by an iESB platform for integration and connection the ARUM solution into the legacy environment of Airbus and Iacobucci. The presented progress of the ARUM project and in particular the technical achievements shown at the review in Brussels were highly appreciated by the  European Commission.