EADS Deutschland GmbH, Innovation Works (EADS)

EADS (European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company) is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. EADS Innovation Works (IW), with sites in Germany, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore and India, provides world-class research capabilities in main aeronautics research topics, such as materials, processes, structure engineering, systems and information technologies for engineering and innovative concepts. It is an operational and strategic asset for creation of added value for EADS by driving innovation and sharing skills, facilities and research activities with EADS Business Units (as core actor within the EADS Research and Technology network) and with external research organisations and universities as well as other industrials. Long term partnerships, with external research organisations and in particular with academic laboratories, is a key element of the innovation strategy of the Group and of IW, evidenced in some areas by the creation of joint research laboratories.

Airbus Operations GmbH – (AIB)

AIRBUS designs, sells, builds and supports the most modern and comprehensive aircraft family in the world, thanks to unrivalled flexibility across four aircraft families, all of which have been developed in response to customer needs, 56,000 employees around the world, including France, Germany, Spain, the UK, North America, China, Japan and Russia, a global network of over 296 customers and 298 operators and close working relationships with its shareholder EADS. Airbus achievements, by the end of 2007, included: annual turnover of 181,1 Mds USD, gross market share (units) of 51 %, delivering 453 aircraft and selling 1,341 in 2007, surpassing 8,000 aircraft ordered by 286 customers, supporting 5,000 aircraft in service with 287 operators, regularly achieving over 50% of large civil aircraft orders and deliveries.


CertiCon a.s. is an ICT company established 1996 in Prague, Czech republic. CertiCon has already participated in 6 EU research projects as an industrial partner and has quite a positive track record at EU authorities. CertiCon has intensive experience in development of multi-agent based solutions, e.g. it developed the planning and assembling system for the engine assembling line for SKODA car manufacturer (more than two years in real-life operation), scheduling system for LIAZ Liberec (truck manufacturer), capacity planning system for handling sudden changes in capacity planning for Cadence Corp., supply chain management system for Chatzapoulos (a Greek company distributing food) etc.

Iacobucci / Modular Galley Systems AG (MGS)

IACOBUCCI HF Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of galley inserts worldwide. The Group represents excellence in engineering, manufacture, design and innovation of Espresso and Coffee Makers, Water Heaters, Trash compactors, Trolleys and Ovens for commercial and business aviation.

MGS was founded in Germany in 2004, when its first product, the Induction Heating Unit (IHU), was successfully completed. MGS is a young and engineering driven company. The best engineers are working on developing the newest Galley Inserts and Functional Inserts to provide new and easy to handle solutions to our worldwide customers. Especially for VIP customers, an Inductive Hot plate was developed, which is based on the same technology as the Multi Functional Unit, but is designed as a big Ceran cooking top and allows free cooking as in restaurants on ground. MGS truly became the specialist for inductive cooking on board. MGS also offers services for hard- and software development in the area of embedded systems and tool development.

Tie Nederland B.V (TIE)


TIE Nederland, part of the TIE Kinetix group, is an international B2B software company, established in 1987, and focused on ‘Connecting Businesses’. TIE (NYSE Euronext: TIE Kinetix) is an SME and also a publicly held company with offices in the United States, France, and the Netherlands (HQ).

TIE enables companies to do business electronically and to lower costs by synchronizing their product information and business processes with their partners in the Supply Chain. TIE helps industry and supply chain partners to achieve electronic business collaboration with solutions in the traditional and upcoming markets, such as Business Interoperability, Data Quality Management, e-Invoicing, Master Data Management, Web Shops and Digital Channel Communications, including Content Syndication. TIE’s solutions are proven to lower costs, increase revenue and optimize business processes.


Smart Solutions (SMRT)

The SMRT is a hi-tech SME (62 analysts and developers), founded in the beginning of 2010 as a part of Knowledge Genesis Group (KGG), in Samara, Russia, operating in Germany, UK and US. SMRT is fully focused on developing new generation of multi-agent platforms and technologies for designing intelligent systems, for real-time resource allocation, scheduling, optimization and controlling.

SMRT is developing industrial multi-agent systems for adaptive scheduling in aerospace, manufacturing, transport, railways and field services. As an innovative technology company, the SMRT has accreditation from Russian Ministry of Science and Russian Aerospace Agency license on software engineering and programming for aerospace applications. It also has ISO 9001 certificate on quality management. SMRT multi-agent systems for factory workshop management got “Best product of the 2011 year” prize on National Exhibition “Soft-Tool 2011” (Moscow, October 2011).

Almende B.V. (ALM)

Almende is a high-tech research company (SME). It is a member of DevLab, an initiative of Dutch SMEs that have bundled their innovative strength in the fields of (wireless) embedded systems and related application domains.

Almende researches and develops self-organized critical agent-based solutions to sustain and improve the coalition formation and coordination of communication and collaboration across evolving networks of humans and existing ICT infrastructures. It investigates, applies and evaluates those agent-based solutions in many classical and novel problem domains.

Cologne University of Applied Sciences (CUAS)

Cologne University of Applied Sciences includes 12 faculties and 22 departments, running a large variety of R&D-projects in cooperation with industry. The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration leads back to one of the earliest business schools in Europe, founded in 1904. The Research Centre for Applications of Intelligent Systems (RAIS) was started in 2007 as a branch of the Research Centre for Knowledge Management (2003). It unites experience in research and consulting on real-time logistics, business analysis, knowledge-based and intelligent operations management, intelligent pricing, innovation and management of complex service system, focusing on the support of SME and SEM networks as well as on applications of multi-agent systems in different domains of aviation industry.

P3 ingénieurs S.A.S. (P3)

P3 ingénieurs SAS is an international provider of business services across mainly aerospace, automotive and tele-communication industries ( Apart from consulting services, P3 offers engineering and testing services for complex electronic systems. Analysis and optimization of industrial production systems is one of the key columns of the P3 consulting domain.

About 75% of P3 ingénieurs business is generated from projects across aeronautics industry. EADS, with its daughters Airbus and Eurocopter, is a leading customer of P3. P3 was able to help improving business processes in the field of production, supply chain and logistics as well as engineering and manufacturing engineering.

With the headquarters of aeronautic services in Toulouse, P3 also runs fully owned SME subsidiaries in Hamburg/Germany, Madrid/Spain and Manchester/UK. All subsidiaries will be involved, in order to secure a trans-European view on aeronautic production scenarios.

University of Manchester (UNIMAN)

UNIMAN is currently 38th in the Shanghai Jiao Tong University world rankings. The Centre for Service Research has participated in a number of large EC- and EPSRC-funded research projects, focusing their work on SOA and Web services, agent-based enterprise solutions and agent-based optimisation of service ecosystems and urban mobility infrastructure. The School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering is one of Europe’s largest engineering schools; the Management of Projects Group (MoP) specialises in research and postgraduate education in the defence, civil aerospace, power and transportation sectors. Staff within the school form part of the world-leading Dalton Nuclear Research Institute (winner of Queen’s Jubilee Award 2011) and the Aerospace Research Institute (UMARI).

Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB)

The Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) is a Portuguese Polytechnic Higher Education Institution, founded in 1983. IPB is currently divided into five schools, embracing a wide area of knowledge and technology, including agriculture sciences, arts and sports, education and teachers training, informatics and engineering, administration and management, health and tourism. Nowadays, the IPB offers 22 post-secondary technological programs, 42 undergraduate degree courses and 38 master programs, all according to the Bologna Declaration. Since these areas of teaching and research have been strongly developed over the last years, the Institute has witnessed a parallel growth of its student population, reaching the number of more than 7,500 students in 2011.

IPB belongs to the group of Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) in Europe, focused on the transferability of professional skills and the integration of applied research in their professional and technological education mission.

Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS)

The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is a private law body associated with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering (SECE) of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the leading academic university in Greece. It has been established by the Ministry of Education in order to carry out R&D activity in the fields of all diverse aspects of communications and computer systems and their applications in variety of fields. The Intelligent Communications & Broadband Networks (ICBNet) laboratory that participates in the project is an ICCS member lab and very active in R&D. ICBNet expertise spans across a variety of interrelated research fields, including software and service design, creation and provisioning, context-aware service engineering, multitiered applications and Web 2.0 technologies, intelligent systems and semantic technologies, security and privacy, middleware and distributed systems. ICBNet has participated in various EU projects, successfully cooperating with leading institutions in EU and presenting broad dissemination and standardisation activity.

Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU)

The CZECH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY IN PRAGUE (CTU), founded in 1707, is one of the oldest technical universities and currently the leading technical university (eight faculties) in the Czech Republic with approx. 23000 students enrolled in engineering courses. CTU, with over 1700 members of academic staff, is also one of the largest research institutions in the Czech Republic.

The Department of Cybernetics (at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering) is recognized as an outstanding research center at the CTU. In 2000 the department received the EU Centre of Excellence award and in 2006 the prestigious European IST Prize by the European Commission. The Department includes over 80 academic staff and researchers, and over 30 Ph.D. students. The research focus covers the areas of distributed artificial intelligence, multi-agent systems, computer vision, machine learning and system diagnostics, data warehousing & data mining, and decision support systems, with main application areas in computer integrated manufacturing, production planning, and decision support systems. The department has been collaborating with multiple industrial partners, including Robert Bosch GmbH, Rockwell Automation, Skoda Auto, Gedas, Cadence, Denso Automotive, BAE Systems and others. It also extensively collaborates with defense industry, namely with the European Office for Aerospace Research and Development, US Air Force Research Laboratory, US Office for Naval Research and Army Research Laboratory.

University of Hagen (UniHa)

The FernUniversität in Hagen (UniHa) is currently one of the biggest universities in Germany, with some 74,000 students and 1,700 courses. The FUH is the German centre for distance collaborative teaching and learning in virtual communities, including development and use of respective solutions. Higher education provided by universities requires continual re-orientation. Having accepted this challenge, FUH is today a university of the future for a world of tomorrow.

FUH’s Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Chair of Enterprise-wide Software Systems: The research group, led by Prof. Dr. Lars Mönch, is involved in research on information systems for manufacturing and logistics, multi-agent systems, planning and scheduling and discrete event simulation. In addition, the group has a strong background in simulation-based benchmarking of novel information systems for manufacturing and logistics.

The group is building on research expertise from a long standing history in collaborative research with different leading global semiconductor manufacturing companies, i.e., Global Foundries and Infineon Technologies AG. Furthermore, the group was involved in the German Science Foundation (DFG) priority program in business applications of agent technology.